Tuscan Olive Gourmet Foods

The Founder of the business has an extensive background in the food industry, and brings to the business a great deal of experience and a passion for all things “food”.

This experience and love for, not good, but great food stands her in good stead to provide Silver Lakes with a top class food emporium, a shop that will have excellent quality eats at reasonable prices. The aim is to have a business that fits in with and enhances the Silver Lakes community offering.

The mission of Tuscan Olive Gourmet Foods is: “To provide the community with healthy, high quality, value for money, gourmet meals, desserts and baked confectionary.”

The Tuscan Olive Gourmet Foods' vision is to build a neighborhood retreat where people can relax, indulge, and still feel good about what they are putting into their bodies and into the environment.

The owner stands by the idea that food which is brought from a shop, but made with “home-cooked” goodness can and does taste better than junk food, especially when prepared well and with fresh ingredients. The company is focused primarily on creating a local landmark within the community that will last the test of time.

The values that will guide daily operations at the store are:

  • High quality gourmet food should taste better than junk food, or you aren’t doing it right.
  • Good food requires good ingredients.
  • Fresh, good home-cooked feeling nutrition.
  • Being environmentally responsible is a requirement, not an option.
  • Anyone who sets foot inside the store will always be welcomed warmly.
  • Cleanliness of the store and the staff is essential.